About LaVonne Ries

I started Urban Clean Living in 2009 on my own because I love cleaning. I enjoy working through a room, and making it sparkle. Seeing the transformation and change take place is a feeling no-one can duplicate.

When I started, it was just me, working from home to home on my own. Soon, I was having friends and family help me as my clientele grew. Now here we are, with over 20 staff, servicing not only Airdrie, but Calgary, Chestermere and surrounding areas.

What I love about cleaning is the positive impact that I get to have on a person’s everyday life. I take genuine pleasure in helping families find more time to spend with their loved ones. As I enter a home, I do so without judgement or opinion, and I leave with an open mind and heart. It’s very rewarding to hear such great feedback from my clients, as well as to see the positive outcome!

Every staff member we employ, strives to be the best. We pride ourselves on their attention to detail and meticulous cleaning practices. There is a very thorough training process for every new hire, as well as a detailed cleaning guide, written by myself, which goes room by room.

On top of this, I have always maintained a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Which shows in our reviews. If something is ever missed, or not done to the standards set by Urban Clean Living, we will rectify the situation within 24 hours.

In 2023, we won gold in 3 categories for Airdrie Community Votes! This was an absolutely awe-inspiring moment when I saw it flash in my inbox! Hard work and dedication do indeed get you further. I cannot thank our clientele enough for helping make us one of the best. Without you all, we would not be here.

We are insured, bonded and have many years of experience!